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Hello, and thank you for visiting. My name is Richman McKenzie and I live in Rockwall, Texas working as a woodworking enthusiast, candle enthusiast, and furniture & cabinet maker. In 2012, I bought my first home and like many woodworkers, my interests were sparked by learning more complex DIY skills (carpentry, electrical, and plumbing). Throughout the years I became obsessed with building cabinets for my home and workshop. That quickly evolved into building more complex furniture pieces. As an accountant by profession, I gravitated to the more technical side of furniture and cabinet making. Consequently, I’ve become proficient in furniture design by incorporating modern techniques, human dimensioning, and innovative software.

Candle Making & Design:

More recently, I have again refocused my efforts toward unique art and  design, translated through wood and candle making. This has manifested in a wide variety of unique home décor items including sushi boards, candle holders, matchboxes, tea boxes, serving boards, watch boxes, picture frames, kumiko etc...

In 2017, after studying candle science and design, I discovered that I could create my own candles and scents. From there I started making candles as gifts for friends and family. Since then, my team has grown and our products and skill have evolved. With the use of soy design the scent experiences are unique and one of a kind.  Our candles are hand poured in small batches, hand packaged, and curated with care at Rich Wood Grain. It brings us deep personal satisfaction to know the pieces we make bring small moments of joy to their owners and become deeply loved family heirlooms.

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